Borrowed Belief

Borrowed Belief
This Is the Sign You’ve Been Looking For
A Hindsight Story

Borrowed Belief is the story of a man named Adam who, at the lowest point in his life, finds a way to borrow enough belief in himself to save his own life. The sign he was waiting for came to him in the form of a book he found in an old book store. Adam was open and humble enough to let the Hindsights he learned in that book guide him out of desperation and into a place of peace, happiness, and success.
Join Adam as he discovers, or more precisely, rediscovers the principles of living a successful life. He explores each chapter, taking each Hindsight to heart. Working on himself, and practicing the lessons he learns until he masters each of them. His mastery transforms his life, allowing him to be grateful for all he has been blessed with, to reconnect with his true self, and with the most important people in his life. His mastery allows him to regain control of his life and to paint the future he most desires to live. Adam is now leaving a legacy that will live on well beyond his years.

Borrowed Belief: This Is the Sign You’ve Been Looking For. A Hindsight Story.
Maybe, it’s the sign YOU’VE been looking for.

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