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Bonus 1: Free excerpt of the book Hindsight – The 7 Keys to living your best life.
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Hindsight Excerpt

Bonus 2: The Hindsight 7 Keys Poster

The 7 Hindsights are already changing lives for the better! These deceptively simple keys can unlock your greatest potential. But it is up to you to live the 7 Hindsights. Take on that responsibility, and start today by downloading the next Hindsight bonus, printing it our, and hanging it on your wall or mirror. Be sure to put it somewhere that you will be able to see it and read it every day!

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8.5 x 11 Page Size 

Bonus 3: The recommended reading list PDF

The 6th Hindsight Key to Living Your Best Life is Learning. To help you on your learning journey, I’ve included a list of my favorite books to read, reread, and study at the end of the book. To make it easy for you to find each of the books, I created a PDF file that has the book name, author, and a handy link to find the book on Amazon.

You can download your copy of the PDF using this link.

Bonus 4: ‘The Centered Entrepreneur – Mastering Personal and Business Fulfillment’ eBook

For those who seek not only to enrich their personal lives but also to achieve excellence in their entrepreneurial endeavors, this eBook is a comprehensive guide. ‘The Centered Entrepreneur’ is designed to help you navigate the intricate balance between personal well-being and business success.

In Chapter 1, ‘Understanding Centered Entrepreneurship,’ we dive into what it means to be a centered entrepreneur, setting the stage for a journey of growth that is both personally and professionally fulfilling.

Chapter 2, ‘Building Your Foundation for Success,’ lays the groundwork for this journey, emphasizing the importance of a solid inner foundation from which external success can flourish.

Chapter 3, ‘Balancing Business Growth with Personal Well-being,’ addresses one of the most significant challenges entrepreneurs face: maintaining their health and happiness while growing their business. This chapter offers practical strategies for achieving this balance.

Chapter 4, ‘Leading with Harmony and Influence,’ explores how centered entrepreneurs can lead their teams and influence their markets while staying true to their values and maintaining internal harmony.

Chapter 5, ‘Sustaining and Scaling Your Centered Success,’ provides insights into keeping the momentum going, ensuring that your business success is sustainable and that it scales without sacrificing your personal fulfillment.

Finally, the Conclusion: ‘The Path Ahead for You’ wraps up with an inspirational call to action, encouraging you to apply the principles of centered entrepreneurship to your journey. Plus, as an added bonus, you’re invited to Book Your Free 1 on 1 Coaching Session with me, Earl Waud, your coach through this transformative process.

This eBook is not just a manual; it’s a manifesto for integrating the essence of who you are with what you do, ensuring that your business serves not just the market but also your life’s purpose and well-being. It’s for those who dare to dream of achieving unparalleled success in business while living a life that’s deeply fulfilling on every level.

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